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Bonnaroo 2008 Cancelled

Posted by Bz | 2/05/2008 11:00:00 PM | ,

Merely minutes after the official artist lineup was released Superfly Productions and AC Entertainment decided to pull the plug on Manchester, Tennessee's annual mud bath. The addition of Metallica to this years lineup met much controversy with hard lobbies from the HHH Group (Happy Hippie Hippos), PHRENDS, The Heady Brah-dogs and, surprisingly, much famed Jane's Addiction front man and father of Lollapalooza, Perry Ferrell.

When reached for comment Ferrell had this to say, "It's like, man...we've been down this road. We had a special thing going, and things started to lose their flavor. I know what's gonna happen down there. I saw it myself. I just wondered how that band would have responded to the free download tent they had at Bonnaroo. You can't sue hippies."

One hippie group, Dreads for Feds, did empathize with the aging Metal group. A spokesperson informed us that they planned on donating errant dreadlocks they've collected throughout the years with the hopes that Metallica would don them to try and recapture the "uber-headiness" the band once possessed pre-Load (and haircuts.)