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Brett Favre To Retire?

Posted by Matt Clapp | 2/28/2008 10:40:00 AM | , ,

According to

Obviously you take anything Favre says about retirement with a grain of salt, but it sounds like this might really be it.

Update(1 PM ET):
The link to isn't working anymore... so I would assume somebody hacked into their site, or somebody for their site made a major blunder. We'll keep you posted.

Update( 3 PM ET):
"Brett Favre's agent Bus Cook and the Packers P.R. director Jeff Blumb have confirmed that Favre has made no decision about possibly retiring this year.
It was an embarrasing technical error from, who accidentally posted a live "dummy" page. This is fairly standard practice, and the Packers used a similar page last year to announce Favre's return. Favre continues to take longer than expected this year to make his choice, but no decision is imminent."
Man, talk about a major fuck up by the Packers official website.