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Cookin With Coolio

Posted by Steve Wisniewski | 2/12/2008 02:44:00 PM | , , ,

Famed rapper Coolio has a new cooking show on My Damn Channel. I have no idea what My Damn Channel is or where you can find it (sorry) but this clip is from YouTube.

After watching this clip not only do I think that Coolio is still the most gangsta ninja on earth, but he can also make a salad that can make the panties drop. Coolio has also trumped the best cook on T.V Emril Lagasse in terms of catchphrases. Emrils go to line is his famous "BAM". He has a few others, but to be honest they suck. "The Ghetto Gourmet" keeps it gangster with his two catchphrases "Shakazooloo Motherfucker!" and when he's completed a dish "Now get your ass to the table!" I know I for one have been waiting years for a rap legend to get a cooking show, and now it's here. Not only does Coolio have a male assistant, but he has two women who look like they came straight out of the strip club as helpers. I know I'm going to keep a close eye on this show. Maybe next week he'll make that "Peach Pimp Cobbler" that I haven't been able to find the recipe for.