D Howard was out of control | Sharapova's Thigh

I watch the dunk contest every year if for no other reason than I was raised on the halcyon days of the dunk contest. For those of you without understanding halcyon see untroubled, heavenly or otherwise perfect. I have been sorely disappointed for a long time running, until tonight.

Dwight Howard put on a show unrivaled in my memory. When his worst dunk was the bounce-left-handed-tap-to-right-handed-jam you know its a good night. He only clanked one dunk which these days is impressive in itself. The SuperMan was off the freaking chain. He didn't even dunk the ball, he threw it in from 18 inches away!!!! He threw it off the BACK of the backboard!!! How in the name of Julius Erving did he not hit his head on the backboard when coming around? The dude is 6'11"!!!

I'm interested to see what other hoopnics have to say about the dunk contest, but I freaking loved it, or as I like to say these days I give it a rating of: