Get Your Mordor Maps Ready! | Sharapova's Thigh

Because it's nerd hour at the thigh. I was perusing IGN and found a couple interesting things...
First, "Gears of War 2" was officially announced today for Xbox 360, and is scheduled to be released in November. If you have a 360, I'm sure you've played "Gears Of War" which is an absolutely spectacular game. I'm sure the sequel will have plenty of new features to make the game an even better experience.
Here is a teaser trailer for the game:

Also, I found another reason to seriously consider buying a Wii: "Mario Kart".
It's on like Donkey Kong BIOTCH!

I can't get enough of "Mario Kart", and the Wii version looks absolutely kickass(Click here for more screenshots). I still play the Gamecube version all the time.

Baby Mario and company enjoying the shrooms.

Plus, chicks actually dig that game. It's the perfect party game, and should definitely be even more so on the Wii. It is scheduled to be released sometime later this year(vague I know, but that's all they're saying right now). With "Mario Kart", "Super Mario Galaxy", and "The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess", I think I'm gonna have to get a Wii one of these days.

I'm A Luigi! I'm A Gonna Win!