Hank Steinbrenner Shut the Fuck Up | Sharapova's Thigh

In case you haven't seen the headlines today Hank Steinbrenner blasted the NFL for their steroid policy. On the surface this statement might be objectively true, but give me a fucking break. Hey you freaking idiot while football was taking care of their steroid problem in the late 80's baseball still had their head completely in the sand about the juice. While football has been suspending dudes for almost 20 years baseball has used their uber-powerful Players Union to shelter their players from any sort of scrutiny while being paid way too much.

It takes a lot to make most football players look truly clever, Hanky has done it. This morning on NFL Live Marcellus Wiley said, "Hank Steinbrenner has proved that Paris Hilton isn't the only spoiled rich kid that you shouldn't listen to." Wow, great.

Memo to Hank Steinbrenner: Throwing barbs at other sports is a great attempt at gutless smoke and mirrors, but maybe you should figure you own shit out first.