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Brooks, Our Pet Chimp, And Eric Using Their Xbox Strategerie In My Living Room

He and our buddy Eric are both cooks at the greatest bar in the history of western civilization(Bill Walton moment over), and now they're over at the apartment, surprise surprise. Shit was crazy today at the bar, considering their was a big sporting event on television(2008 PBA Exempt Doubles Classic at Red Rock Lanes). I haven't seen so many people go crazy about a strike since the Writer's strike of, well I guess that's still going on. Brooks and Eric needed a place to pass out as always, and we've got 2 couches available at my residence(my bedroom is available, but only for you special ladies out there, grrrr).
Well, they came over here and decided to pull a Travis Henry, minus the sex, and the illegitimate children accordingly. So they've smoked some weed in here and are playing video games like crazy. If the Happy Madison crew is looking for a low budget sequel to "Grandma's Boy", they've found the right place.
Now these guys are legitimately yelling at each other about their "Gears Of War" strategerie(we'll use that until the Bush administraion is out).

Eric: "I did my job. You get out there and you fucking save me... You obviously aren't a Gear of War."
And about 20 minutes later, Eric again: "Come over to the hole dude."