Is There Anything Sexier Than an Outlet Pass? | Sharapova's Thigh

UCLA won handily again today over Oregon State, to keep pace as the best team in the Pac10. I will admit it, I love watching UCLA play, my dad is a huge fan and he passed it on to me. My second favorite college team (2005 Illinois is squarely #1) of my lifetime was the 1995 Bruins. I loved watching the O'Bannons, George Zidek, Tyus Edney, "Jumpin' John" Toby Bailey, Cam Dollar... I could go on.

This years UCLA team is also extremely enjoyable to watch. They play D, they execute on offense, and they have the best coach in college basketball. One of my favorite reasons to watch is Kevin Love (pictured above, he demonstrates how angry he gets when people execute bad form on over-the-head passes), more specifically how fundamental he is. I love Tim Duncan's game, and Love is similarly fundamental. He isn't flashy, but puts up 17 and 11 a game, not to mention some of the prettiest outlet passes you've ever seen. John Wooden says he is the best passer since Walton and Unseld, extremely high praise. I fully admit I have a mancrush.

Youtube has a handful of videos that show examples of these passes, but my favorite pass is a full-court alley-oop to the college POTY (but that is for another blog) Michael Beasley at a summer camp:

He just flicks the ball so effortlessly, and in my opinion his well executed passes are extremely sexy... though not as sexy as this site's leading lady.