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McNamee Is Not The Father

Posted by Bz | 2/08/2008 04:34:00 AM | , , , ,

WASHINGTON - Former MLB personal trainer Brian McNamee no longer has to deal with the notion that he might have a "Brady Baby." After six months of hearings, judges ruled that McNamee has no legal responsibility to baby Ryan Childers of whom Judy Childers has claimed McNamee to be the legitimate father. In a rare instance, simple semantics and specifics played the key role in this decision.

According to court documents, when asked how many times Brian McNamee had had relations with Judy, she responded "15-20 times." This claim typically is looked upon as being a legitimate one; however, that was not the case in this instance. Luckily Mr. McNamee was able to present irrefutable evidence that cleared him of this accusation.

"We were able to provide evidence that showed Ms Childers' claim to be completely false," said Earl Ward, McNamee's attorney. "My client was able to provide to the court credit card receipts showing each time he had purchased a box of condoms. Along with that he was able to produce from his personal files the actual condoms in question. Ms Childers submitted to a polygraph test, and the results of her answers regarding their use of safe sex were true. They have never had unprotected sex. My client was able to produce thirty-seven used contraceptives, all of which have a 99% DNA match to Ms Childers. This isn't an attack on her morals, but perhaps she should get her own story straight before she starts trying to impose legal obligations on people like my client. I hope the victim of her next accusations is as prepared as my client was."

Sharapova's Thigh questions the scrupulous manner in which McNamee has retained these contraceptives and wonders how many times he washes his hands a day.