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MLB '08 "The Show" vs. MLB 2K8

Posted by Steve Wisniewski | 2/07/2008 03:14:00 PM | , , , , , , , ,

Ok I'll admit it. I'm an Xbox 360 fanboy. Baseball games have been a part of my life since the early NES and Bases Loaded. That game was amazing. It had everything I wanted, shitty graphics and terrible audio. It was still fun though, I could play it for hours and be satiated.

This year the (ugh...) PS3 is putting out a game called MLB '08 "The Show". It's supposed to be a genre changing game. The visual adjustments have been made and a greater focus has been put on game changing moments. Here's a little snippet:

For a fully in depth preview: IGN MLB '08 "The Show"

The XBox 360 is also putting out a new baseball game this year, MLB 2K8. Honestly, the 2K7 version was nothing spectacular, but this years installment looks to be a much improved game. Former producer of the MVP Baseball franchise which we all loved, Ben Brinkmann, is the producer of MLB 2K8, and he's trying to make this series just as respected as the MVP franchise. Here's an interview he did with IGN discussing MLB 2K8. Many improvements have been made in the gameplay, which I didn't even have a huge problem with anyway. Here's the official trailer that was just released today:

For a fully in depth preview:MLB 2K8

Just for show and tell purposes here's a video that will show you both games and let you decide for yourself which game is superior. For you HD guys you're gonna have to grit your teeth, because this was the best we could find on youtube.

We'll have much more to come on these games, since the 6 of us here are all die-hard baseball fans, and even those of us that aren't complete video game nerds make sure to get our hands on the baseball games. Okay, we're all complete video game nerds.