Non-Sports Reasons why Y-Chromosomers should watch TV: Melinda Stolp | Sharapova's Thigh

I have quite the laundry list of guilty pleasures. Thankfully this has benefits. The next time you have the option of watching a MEAC basketball game or watching something "girly" you might choose the latter.
MTV's The Real World is undoubtedly engrained in the minds of any American under 30. The show has been a prominent fixture / guilty pleasure in the TV watching habits for all of us. Well the last couple of seasons have sucked:
- Sydney: suckalicious probably the worst season ever
- Denver: freaking hated those ones, forget the fact that they interfered with my social habits in downtown Denver (as a sidenote, these clowns take over the downtown areas of every city they go to. They are a complete hindrance.)
- Key West: not horrible, but not noteworthy in a good way either.

That brings us to Austin, the last truly entertaining season in my opinion. A major reason for Austin's success was Melinda. This blond haired, blue eyed beauty from Wisconsin would improve any man's quality of life. Currently Melinda could be scoped on MTV's Gauntlet III airing Wednesday's at 10 pm Eastern. (Note I hesitated to include Melinda in this article, because I thought for sure she would be eliminated last week. After surviving for another week, and getting nailed in the skull with a 2x4, I decided that Sharapova's Thigh owed her some dap).

At first glance you know that you want Melinda is worth several more glances. Upon further review, you might not be so sure. Her features are very striking, which is a major turn off for some dudes. Some people might also say that she might appear to be a little horsey, ok I get it. I happen to be a fan of striking features, so she does it for me.
Also for those of you that are true MTV derelicts, or have a really good memory (yeah....I'm in the good memory category....that's it), will recall Melinda's audition tape for Real World. I'm paraphrasing here, but she emphasizes her nympo predilections and that she will break up with her current boyfriend because she can't go that long with infrequent sex. Boooiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg. Who says that sort of stuff???? I'll tell you who, somebody after my own heart. Basically you get all the good parts of porn star with none of the trashy baggage.
Melinda's rating: 3 Sharapova's