"Pulling It Out" O.K. In Garcia's Book | Sharapova's Thigh

"Wouldn't this be real nice inside of you?"

From The Denver Post...
House Assistant Majority Leader Michael Garcia resigned this morning, a day after it became public that a lobbyist accused him of exposing himself to her and making lewd comments.
Garcia's name was not called out at the roll call in the House this morning, and his name had been taped over on the board that shows how representatives had voted.
The Aurora Democrat's brief resignation letter was read on the House floor this morning.
"Mr. Speaker, I hereby submit my resignation from the Colorado House of Representatives," it read.
He is expected to release a statement later today.
Garcia, is accused by a lobbyist of exposing himself to her at a bar following a fundraiser earlier this month.
The lobbyist, who spoke to the Denver Post on Thursday on condition of anonymity, said Garcia exposed himself to her earlier this month and said, "Wouldn't this be real nice inside of you?"
The woman said she decided to register a complaint with House Speaker Andrew Romanoff after learning about four similar allegations against Garcia over the past seven years.
The woman said she and Garcia were playing pool at the Lancer Lounge in Denver with a group of lobbyists after Garcia's Jan. 7 fundraiser. He exposed himself when the rest of the group had left that side of the bar, she said.
"He just walked around the pool table and unzipped his pants and pulled everything out," she said.
She has not filed criminal charges.
The lobbyist said her attorney met with Romanoff's office this week. Romanoff said he could not confirm any meeting.
Garcia, 34, is coordinator for the Youth Council for Public Policy at CU-Boulder, which teaches about the democratic process.
Garcia was first elected to the House in 2000 and has been re-elected three times.

This is seriously the best fucking line I've ever heard. Some guys don't even have the balls to go up and say "hi "to a girl. Imagine the confidence you have to have to just pull out the morning glory right in some girls face and say something that funny. I honestly think he did it on a bet. Most likely a bet that just got a little out of hand. It probably went a little something like this...

*The scene's a crowded bar*

Friend: "That was a crazy fund raiser earlier huh?"

Garcia: "Yeah it was...hey, check out that chick over there."

Friend: "Yeah she's hot. I bet you won't pull your dick out in front of her."

Garcia: "Oh yeah, how much?"

Friend: "$100"

Garcia: "So I just have to walk over and pull my dick out? No shaking it around or slapping it on anything?"

Friend: "That's it."

Garcia: "This is gonna be the easiest money I've ever made." *Starts walking away, but stops and turns around* "If I say something manly will you throw in another $50?"

Friend: *Thinking* "Yeah ok, deal."

In my head that's how that exchange went down.