Take Your Pick: Freshman vs the Rest | Sharapova's Thigh

This year's group of freshman in College Basketball is outstanding. Last year was great with Durant, Oden, Conley, but I think this year's is better. A friend and I were debating who would win a game of basketball between this year's freshman and the rest of the NCAA.

Here are the teams, as decided by me:

PG-- Derrick Rose (Memphis)
SG-- Jerryd Bayless (Arizona)
WG-- James Harden (Arizona State)
PF-- Michael Beasley (Kansas State)
C-- Kevin Love (UCLA)
Reserves: Eric Gordon (Indiana), Donte Green (Syracuse), Kyle Singler (Duke), Patrick Patterson (Kentucky)

Now, I know what you are thinking, where is OJ Mayo? and how is EJ Gordon not starting? and maybe even why Singler is there. I don't like how OJ plays and think he could be a detriment to the team. EJ isn't starting because Harden is putting up better numbers and Bayless takes care of the ball more. Singler is on the team because it needs a white guy who can play some D, hit a big 3, and will defer to the big scorers.

The Rest
PG-- DJ Augustin (Texas)
SG-- Chris Lofton (Tennessee)
WG-- Josh Shipp (UCLA)
PF-- Tyler Hansbrough (UNC)
C-- Roy Hibbert (Georgetown)
Reserves: Drew Neitzel (Michigan State), Stephen Curry (Davidson), Ryan Anderson (Cal), DJ White (Indiana)

It is much harder picking the rest than the freshman, especially at guard. Augustin at PG was a no-brainer, but I struggled with SG and WG (homer pick). The reserves were hard too, because guys like Harangody, the Kansas guys, and other awesome players were left out.

So... take your pick? I got the freshman.