Thigh Of The Week: Anna Benson | Sharapova's Thigh

Anna is not afraid to show off her thigh... especially to her husband's baseball teammates.

With Spring Training games under way, we thought it would be a good idea to give our prestigious "Thigh Of The Week" award to a well-known beauty in the baseball circuit. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Anna Benson, she's the wife of Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kris Benson. Kris was actually the #1 overall pick by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1996 draft, and has had an average career at best.... but we don't care. We are still incredibly jealous of him. He gets to sleep with this wild and crazy sex machine every night.
In 2004, when Kris was a member of the New York Mets, Anna went on Howard Stern's radio program. Anna said that if she ever caught Kris cheating on her, she would sleep with literally anybody in the Mets organization:
""I told (Kris) -- because that's the biggest thing in athletics, they cheat all the time -- I told him, cheat on me all you want. If you get caught, I'm going to screw everybody on your entire team -- coaches, trainers, players. I would do everybody on his whole team."

Stern followed with, " "Mike Piazza just did a back flip, even the coaches? What about, like, the bat boys?"
To which Anna replied, ""If I'm lining them up, I'll circle into other teams. Whatever team he's playing, I will screw all them, too."
Needless to say, every member of the Phillies is trying to get Kris drunk every night so that he'll cheat on Anna. And what really intrigues me, is the idea of her sleeping with all of the "Phillies Ballgirls":