East Region 1st Round: Jessica Alba(1) Vs. Melinda Stolp(16) | Sharapova's Thigh

A #16 has never beaten a #1, and if there could be a shutout in this tournament, this is certainly it. Can Melinda possibly upset Jessica? Can she get a vote against Jessica? YOU have to decide that...

I feel like it's a waste of time to even describe Jessica Alba... So I'm not going to. You know her. You love her. You've probably already gotten off to a picture of her today.

If you watch MTV, you probably know who this young lady is. Melinda is from "Real World: Austin". She got the attention of one of our writers recently, as Poorly Acquitted did a "Non-Sports Reasons Why Y-Chromosomers Should Watch TV" blog about her on February 18. Here's a sample from it:"This blond haired, blue eyed beauty from Wisconsin would improve any man's quality of life... Upon further review, you might not be so sure. Her features are very striking, which is a major turn off for some dudes. Some people might also say that she might appear to be a little horsey, ok I get it. I happen to be a fan of striking features, so she does it for me."
Does Melinda have what it takes to make this close? Probably not, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't want to give her the Houdini right now.