East Region 1st Round: Lisa Dergan(5) Vs. Brittany Snow(12) | Sharapova's Thigh


Road To The Thighnal Four Update: Brynn Cameron wins the "Play-In" game against Danica Patrick and will face the Thigh Goddess in the 1st round of the Midwest Region. Now, we have what promises to be a thrilling match-up between 2 hot blonde females.

Lisa Dergan
If you really want to see what Lisa's bod has to offer, you'll find plenty nude pics when you search her on Google. Just throwing that out there for ya. Like one of our ladies currently playing in a game, Leann Tweeden, Lisa's had many appearances on Fox Sports over the last few years as an anchor/reporter/correspondent/anything to get those stunning eyes on television. But, she's married... to shitty MLB outfielder Scott Podsednik. That fucking bastard And was this really the best she could do? Podseddick's lucky self gets to see a tattoo in sanskrit meaning "Good Luck" on Lisa's scrumptious ass.

Brittany Snow

I'd like to make it snow all over Brittany's chest. Brittany is a dangerous #12 seed, and I think she looks a little bit like the Olsen twins and Brittany Murphy, but hotter. She really has an amazing smile. You've probably seen Brittany in various average films or television shows. Also, she just broke up with her boyfriend in December, so unlike Lisa, she's available.

Link to our full bracket:
Hot Ladies: Road To The Thighnal Four