East Region: Jessica Alba(1) Vs. Camilla Belle(9) | Sharapova's Thigh


Road To The Thighnal Four Update: #4 Shannon James blows out Jenna Jameson in the West region, and will face #9 Aida Yespica in the Sweet 16. Should be exciting, but we still have plenty of more hot action until then...

Arguably our tournament favorite against a woman coming off an upset. Can she do it again? The oddsmakers aren't thinking so as Camilla comes in as a 40-1 underdog.

Jessica Alba
I feel like it's a waste of time to even describe Jessica Alba... So I'm not going to. You know her. You love her. You've probably already gotten off to a picture of her today.

Camilla Belle
I'd like to ring Camilla's Belle if you know what I mean. Camilla's stock has never been higher as she can currently be seen at movie theaters playing the role of Evolet in the blockbuster "10 000 B.C.". The key part of the word "blockbuster" in that case is of course "bust", from what I've heard from pretty much everybody that bothered seeing the movie. It sounds like Camilla's looks are the only good part of the movie, and the above picture is an example of her haggardly look in it. I find the look pretty hot actually, especially those eyes.