Midwest Region 1st Round: Erin Andrews(7) Vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar(10) | Sharapova's Thigh

Erin Andrews

She's on ESPN as much as anybody these days, and one of the best reporters around. Erin's not just gorgeous, she's got smarts, an awesome personality, a great sense of humor, and she loves sports. This is the kind of woman I dream of marrying. There's actually a great article "as told by Erin" to Teddy Greenstein of The Chicago Tribune from this past Sunday. To sum it up, Erin has it all... especially an amazing rack. Real? Fake? Who cares? I just applaud whoever has been able to find out for themselves.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Some might say Sarah is past her prime... but I'd kindly disagree. In fact, she's still only 30. It wasn't too long ago that Sarah was considered one of the hottest babes in Hollywood, like top-5 hot. Maybe she still is. That's for you to decide.