Midwest Region 2nd Round: Kate Beckinsale (4) vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt (5) | Sharapova's Thigh

Update: JLH pulls off the minor upset and is moving on!
Kate Beckinsale
British bombshell Kate Beckinsale can make me sit through any one of her objectively horrible movies anytime. Have any of you seen Underworld: Evolution? I have, at least 20 times. This might be one of the worst movies made in the last 20 years except for one detail: KB. She uses her body in ways that make me feel like an eagle: soaring. She might change her hair like coin machine, but my boner never changes how it feels about her.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
I love the movie Heartbreakers. It's a great movie. If you don't think so I'll fight you, that ain't no lie. It got me thinking: for somebody that has never posed nude, allegedly, Jennifer Love Hewitt freaking shows a lot off in that movie!! She's been part of the whack regiment for 20 somethings for over 10 years now. She also looks a lot like one of my ex's, who coincidentally was named Jen, that made enacting fantasies convenient and easy. The best part was that she was none the wiser. Maybe the better part is even if she did know she wouldn't have cared.