Midwest Region: Angelina Jolie(3) Vs. Jennifer Garner(14) | Sharapova's Thigh


We've had some sexy ladies that you probably had never heard of before this tournament. However, that's certainly not the case with these two beauties who you can find on television and in the entertainment news everyday. The winner will take on another popular celebrity in the second round, in Keira Knightley. Also... these babes could probably kick your ass.
Angelina Jolie
Many think Angelina is the sexiest woman in Hollywood. The tabloids and other entertainment news sources beat her stories into the ground constantly: She's currently with Brad Pitt, was married to Billy Bob Thornton, was married to Jonny Lee Miller, her dad is Jon Voight, she does plenty of humanitarian work, she adopts children from around the world, blah blah blah. That's nice and all, but all we really care about is how fucking hot she is. She has that bad girl attitude that I love. That dirty, throw me against the wall and come slam the hell out of me attitude. She hasn't been afraid to show her sexual side in movies such as Gia and Original Sin. I think the first time I saw her in a movie was in Gone In Sixty Seconds, and my sperm was gone in sixty seconds when I saw her.
Jennifer Garner
This picture made an appearance in the first week of our blog's existence, because it's one of the hottest pictures I've ever seen. Jennifer is quite the dangerous #14 seed. It's hard to believe she's already 35-years-old. Most people know her from Alias, where she played an ass-kicking spy. She's also been in plenty of shitty movies, some of which I hope you haven't seen(like Mr. Magoo and Daredevil). Jennifer keeps herself in amazing shape, and even has some muscular tone to her body, which some men will love, and some men will hate. Also, like Jimmy Kimmel, she's fucked Ben Affleck.