Midwest Region: Maria Sharapova(1) Vs. Brynn Cameron(16) | Sharapova's Thigh


Brynn Cameron won a thriller in the play-in game against Danica Patrick. Now she'll have the extremely difficult task of facing the Thigh Goddess, #1 overall seeded Maria Sharapova. Good luck Brynn, you're going to need plenty of it.

Maria Sharapova
Yeah, so you can probably figure out why she's in the Sharapova's Thigh Hot Ladies Tournament. I could go on and on for hours, but I'll just make it quick... Maria is a tennis superstar, and REALLY hot. We worship her thigh.
Brynn Cameron
You might not have a clue who Brynn Cameron is. It's okay, you're definitely not alone. There's not many pictures available of her online. Previously we had a picture of her standing around at basketball practice, but I think this picture is the best we could do to demonstrate her hotness.
What's her story? She's a basketball player at USC, NFL quarterback Matt Leinart's ex-girlfriend at USC, and just so happens to be the mama of Leinart's baby. That tells you a lot about this girl. Leinart could have gotten any lady on campus at USC, and he chose her for his "business time".