Midwest Region: Salma Hayek(8) Vs. Brittany Daniel(9) | Sharapova's Thigh

Here is one of our most anticipated first round games, and it's a "Pick 'em" game.. The winner will likely take on the Thigh Goddess in the second round.

Salma Hayek
A Mexican-American actress that broke onto the Hollywood scene with the movie Desperado, and particularly got the attention of the male viewers with her steamy sex scene with Antonio Banderas. She's since been in plenty of movies, such as From Dusk Till Dawn, The Mask Of Zorro, Wild Wild West, Dogma, and Once Upon A Time In Mexico. Salma is also the executive producer of ABC's Ugly Betty.

Brittany Daniel
Brittany looked absolutely amazing in Joe Dirt, and looked equally as good in Club Dread. Currenty you can find her in the WB show The Game. She's also known for the mid 90's show Sweet Valley High which she co-starred with her twin sister Cynthia. Can you believe there's another girl out there looking like this? Geez.