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NCAA Tourney Day 1

Posted by Baron | 3/20/2008 10:08:00 AM | ,

This is the greatest sports day of the year, and the best sports weekend of the year, so I have decided to make my return to the Thigh. I decided that I was going to do a blog all day ala Clapp or Bill Simmons, but I kind of got off track and forgot about it... oh well, here goes.

1st Set of Games
-- I got the Michigan State game for most of the day, until they put Temple away. I really like the Spartans, especially Ramar Morgan. The Spartans won easily over Temple.
-- I really want Kansas to lose, call me petty, but I really don't like Bill Self. So even though I have them in my Elite 8, I am rooting for a loss in each round. Alas, they were too much for Portland State.
-- Midway through Sparty's game, I got switched to the Xavier vs Georgia game, at the time the Dawgs were up 11ish, and I started to worry. Luckily for me Xavier didn't miss a shot for like 5 straight minutes and ended taking it pretty easily.
-- Bracket update: 3/3

2nd Set of Games
-- There were some potential upsets in this second set, starting with UNLV vs Kent State. I looked at the score and UNLV was up like 13-6, next thing you know and Kent has 10 points at halftime, and UNLV cruises. Lon Kruger is one hell of a coach, and Wink Adams is a stud.
-- I don't get all the national love for Pitt, everyone (including the inbred, but still hilarious, Bob Knight) has been all over them on ESPN. They struggled early, but went on to kill Oral Roberts. Oral Roberts would have won in a mascot fight though (that was awesome). Pitt is a well-coached (thanks Ben Howland) team, but I just don't see it.
-- I hate Purdue, hate the school, the students, the fans, so I am not the most rational person when it comes to them. I don't think they are the real deal, yet, and I think their D is fake (as in they foul). Luckily they were on, and they didn't need to worry about a close game as they rolled Baylor.
-- Marquette played Kentucky in what was the best game of the day... not good when the game ended as an 8 pter. Its been kind of boring with almost all the teams that I've picked rolling so far. Kentucky rode Joe Crawford to 35 points, but it wasn't enough as Marquette hit some huge FTs down the stretch to eek out the W.
--Bracket update 4/4 (Total 7/7)

-- Stanford demolished Cornell, not only are they better at basketball, but they are probably smarter and bone hotter chicks too. Stanford is a really good team and I struggled on how far to send them. The Lopez twins are really good together and I like how they play, they should be able to go pretty far.
-- I don't like how this game isn't shown on TV here, as everyone knows that college basketball is more important than the news... oh well, thank goodness for March Madness on Demand.
--Bracket update 1/1 (8/8)

3rd Set of Games
-- Be Easy vs The Juice, last year I picked Kevin Durant too far, I don't want Beasely and KSU to burn me here. Beasley has been in foul trouble all game, but Bill Walker kept them in it. How in the hell did USC beat UCLA at Pauley? They looked AWFUL, they didn't rebound at all, took bad shots (a lot of them early in the shot clock), and didn't look like a team out there. I got burned by USC last year (Durant loss) and also USC this year (Beasley win). Ugh.
-- Wow, Duke just stole one there. Belmont had control, twice having a chance to extend the lead in the last minute, but they threw up some misses. Henderson took over for Duke, having one drive go in and out, while going coast to coast for the game winner. Belmont turned it over on an out of bounds play, with the intended guy open in the lane, and then barely missed a game winner with 2.2 left. They needed Blake Hoffarber.
-- Wazzu just wore down Winthrop. The Cougars aren't flashy, in fact they are rather boring (BENNETT BALL!), but they just get the job done. Wazzu doesn't have a stud, but like Xavier they are well rounded, 4 guys finished in double figures and they outscored Winthrop 42-11 in the second half.
-- BYU started out slower than Clapp's libido, down 10 to nothing early, and while they fought back they had no answer for Jo-sh Car-ter clap-clap-clapclapclap, as aTm his some HUGE 3's down the stretch. The battle of the big men (Jordan vs. Plaisted) was a let down as Plaisted was meh and Jordan was a no-show. I don't think that I have ever picked a BYU game correctly in the tourney.
--Bracket update: 2/4 (10/12, one Sweet 16 down, the nightcap always kills me)

4th Set of Games
-- UCLA is better than Mississippi Valley State, a lot better. Oh and Kevin Love is still damn good, and still throwing sexy bounce passes. UCLA could have 2 lotto picks this year (Westbrook and Collison), and also lose the Pac 10 player of the year in Love (who could also sneak into the lottery). They have a lot of talent, Mississippi Valley State had Jerry Rice... point UCLA.
-- Wisconsin has not yet realized that Cal State Fullerton can lose in Omaha. The Badgers need to realize that this is basketball, not baseball. Wisconsin's Marcus Landry looks like... Carl Landry and Michael from Lost.
-- George Mason is this years George Mason really crappy 12 seed. Wow, Notre Dame has killed the Patriots. 2008 is the "Year of the White Post Player ", Harangody, Love, Psycho T, Brook and Robin Lopez (kinda?), Brian Butch... anyways Notre Dame is kinda good, and they score a lot of points.
-- Arizona and West Virginia went back and forth for awhile, Zona cut it to 1, and then West Virginia hit like 7 straight shots, they couldn't miss. Speaking of Arizona, do they have the most talent, ever, for a 10 seed? Wise, Bayless, Budinger, Hill and me should be a top 25 team, they just haven't been healthy, but they should have been able to make a run against WV and Duke in the tourney. Jerryd Bayless looks like a rat and whines almost as much as Eric Gordon Jr., just an observation.
--Bracket update: 3/4 (13/16), all in all, not a horrible day. Also, looking back on this blog, it is longer than some term papers that I've written, lol.