South Region 1st Round: Odette Yustman(5) Vs. Rachel Bilson(12) | Sharapova's Thigh


In this game, we see 2 babes that have already been recognized right here on the Thigh recently:

Odette Yustman
Bz wrote a blog about Cloverfield and Odette Yustman. He summed her up perfectly: "Odette Yustman. Her last name looks like it rhymes with 'bust, man' which is what you'll do when you see her." Bz also posted that picture, and it's gotten us more traffic from Google searches than anything else on the blog . We'll be seeing a lot more of that body on the big screen in the coming years, or so I hope.

Rachel Bilson
On February 11th, I gave Rachel our prestigious "Thigh Of The Week" award.
This is what I had to say:
Oh how I’d like to take a bite out of that tight ass. Sweet, soft skin. Perfectly aligned teeth make for that beautiful smile. She knows she’s fuckalicious. Plays hard to get, but deep down she‘s begging for a pearl necklace. Quality Tits. Average Actress… But most importantly, what a thigh.

Which of these beautiful young ladies would you rather go snorkeling naked in the hot tub with?

Link to our bracket:
Road To The Thighnal Four