South Region: Kelly Carlson(6) Vs. Kristy Swanson(11) | Sharapova's Thigh

Kelly Carlson
Poorly Acquitted made Kelly one of his "Non-sports reasons for Y-chromosomers to watch TV" ladies. He gave her an impressive rating of 4.5 Sharapova's. Here's an excerpt from that blog, and he describes the role Kelly is most known for, which is as Kimber in Nip/Tuck: "In Nip Tuck Kimber is a trip and a half. She used to be a model and porn star. She has dated both of the main male characters and she is now married to the adopted son of those same two male characters (don't ask, its complicated). Bottom line: Her character is off her rocker. What's not to like?
Outside of Nip Tuck Kelly single handedly made The Marine, starring WWE meathead John Cena, worth watching. Growing up she was a nationally ranked amateur equestrian rider, and to this day she enjoys horseback riding. Are you freaking joking me? She likes horseback riding? Could this get any better? Oh yeah and did I mention that she is from Minneapolis which means she falls squarely into the Viking Princess category. "

Kristy Swanson
Here we have the original, and maybe the hotter Buffy Summers(the other of course is Sarah Michelle Gellar, who as a #10 seed was knocked out of our tournament by Erin Andrews). Yes, for those of you that don't remember, Kristy was the star of the 1992 movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Kristy also plays Adam Sandler's girlfriend at the beginning of Big Daddy, and at the end of the film we get to see her showing off those big kahunas as a Hooters waitress. Yummy.