South Region: Shakira(1) Vs. Jenna Fischer(16) | Sharapova's Thigh


The last game of the first round...

I could stare at that picture for hours. This Colombian beauty looks like she's in her natural habitat there. I wish I could hop in the picture and join her. Her belly dancing is so damn hot. She shakes that amazing ass unlike anybody I've ever seen. Is there a lady in this tourney can sports a better body than that?

Jenna Fischer
Yossarian was going to make Jenna our "Thigh Of The Week" when we decided to do this tournament, so an entry into this tournament is her prize instead. I'm just going to call her Pam Beasley, because that's how I know and love her. If you don't watch The Office, well fuck you. It's the best show on television, and Pam plays a major role in it. She's the super cute receptionist, who is always showing off that gorgeous smile, she has an incredible personality, tremendous sense of humor, and is just the kind of girl that you'd want to date. She's down to earth, and doesn't try to show off her beauty like the rest of our field of 64 thighs. That's why Jim Halpert(John Krasinski in real life) is in love with her. Who could blame him?