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That's Outrageous

Posted by Baron | 3/01/2008 11:34:00 PM | , , ,

Some great basketball games today. Cuse vs Pitt went down to the last shot, Duke made a nice comeback, Marquette made one of the worst fouls ever and lost to Georgetown in OT, UNC won a shootout, Texas lost one, Beasley lost to Kansas... there were upsets, blowouts, and most importantly, I won my first road game as Illinois beat Iowa.

College basketball is pretty swell, and March Madness is on the way (we had a great Gus Johnson warm-up in the GTown game). Sports are starting to look up again with Baseball starting, just disregard the AFL, after the dreary post-Super Bowl month. Before you know it, college football will start...

That's outrageous.

Obligatory Gus Johnson clip (BATISTA WITH THE CAAAAAAATCH!!!!)