West Region 1st Round: Shannon James (4) v. Ana Ivanovic (13) | Sharapova's Thigh

Shannon James was Playmate of the Month in May of '07. Dare I say 'nuff said? No? I'll continue then. She is perfectly proportioned. 5'8", 34 C, blond, not stupidly skinny. The future is indeed shiny for this 20 year old, and no that is no reference the wax and buff special you will give yourself when looking at her. For what it's worth (probably a lot to you since you're participating in this poll) a simple google image search returns several pictures sans clothing.

Shannon James


The gracious second place finisher to the Thigh Goddess in this year's Aussie Open, Ana Ivanovic. The Serbian beauty isn't the prototype of American beauty. She is however your cup of tea if you like central European women: strong features, tall, could probably beat you up but is sweeter than a cup full o Splenda, Nutrasweet and Sugar combined. I have a huge soft spot in my heart and a hard point in my pants for Ana, can she overcome the difficult first round matchup?

Ana Ivanovic