West Region 2nd Round: Anna Kournikova (2) vs. Eva Longoria (7) | Sharapova's Thigh


We've got a Russian versus a Texan, both places have plenty of beauties. Who emerges here?

Anna Kournikova
The original cutie pie, Anna Kournikova has captured the imagination of male audiences for almost 12 years now (how time flies). Does the fact that she was an awful tennis player really bother anybody? We know that she always looks phenomenal, but perhaps more intriguing is her refusal to get married. She has been rumored to be with a bevy of male celebs. Unfortunately I'm not included in this list. She declines to recognize marriage as part of her past, present, or future. So good news guys, there's still hope for all of you.


Eva Longoira
Eva Jacqueline Longoria Parker (born March 15, 1975)...(that would make her 33 dummy) is a Golden Globe Award-nominated film and television actress. She plays Gabrielle Solis in the overrated and largely unpopular television series Desperate Housewives, and stars in the film Over Her Dead Body (yeah, I've never heard of it either). She has also become a nationally recognized model after appearing in several high-profile advertising campaigns and numerous men's masturbatory magazines. Longoria is also known for her high profile relationship with NBA guard Tony Parker (A.K.A the luckiest Frenchy ever), whom she married in 2007...the lucky fuck.