West Region: Halle Berry(6) Vs. Amanda Bynes(11) | Sharapova's Thigh


Road To The Thighnal Four Update:
Daniella Sarahyba, Scarlett Johansson, Alyssa Milano, and Beyonce Knowles advance to the round of 32 thighs. The Carmen Electra/Gina Gershon poll is still going, so vote for that one. Moving along, this match-up in our West bracket features a woman we've been familiar with for years, against a young lady that you probably are not very informed about unless you've spent a lot of time watching Nickelodeon over the last few years.

Halle Berry
When Halle Berry's boobs popped onto the big screen in Swordfish in 2001... that was a great moment in American history. I went to see that movie at the theater, and I, like probably everybody else in the place was already aware that Halle's nips would be making an appearance. However, when it happened, the 20 second moment seemed to last for hours. Just pure awe and silence from the male viewers in the audience, outside of the few drooling sounds from the teenage boys like myself at the time. Halle also has a history in the sports world. As most of you probably remember, Halle was married to former Atlanta Braves star outfielder David Justice from 1992-1996. These days, she's single.
Amanda Bynes
I had no idea who Amanda Bynes was until last year, when my roommate at that time would go on and on about how hot Bynes was. He'd watch her teen-appealing show What I Like About You seemingly everyday, and I assume/hope it was just for the lovely Ms. Bynes, because the show was garbage. So I'd walk into his room every once in awhile and see Amanda on the television screen, and immediately scream out a Joey Lawrence-like "WHOA!" She also has made appearances on Nickelodeon programming for years. I'm starting to feel like a pedophile. Anyway, at just 21, Amanda has tremendous thigh potential.

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