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MLB All 90's Team

Posted by Bz | 4/20/2008 09:38:00 PM

This is the certifiably be all end all compilation of the all 90's baseball team. Not only is it the truth, but this list was also handed down to me on clay tablets from Babe Ruth himself. Here it goes:

Catcher: Pudge
Honorable Mention: Piazza

1st Base: Frank Thomas
Honorable Mention: Bagwell

2nd Base: Robbie Alomar
Honorable Mention: Biggio

SS: Barry Larkin
Honorable Mention: Cal Ripken

3rd: Chipper Jones
Honorable Mention: Wade Boggs

OF: Griffey
OF: Bonds
OF: Belle
Honorable Mentions:
Sheffield, Juan Gon, Gwynn

SP: Maddux
SP: Clemens
SP: Glavine
SP: Johnson
SP: Mussina

So it's offical. A plaque of this list is being hung in Cooperstown as we speak.