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Poorly Acquitted's NBA Playoff Predictions

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 4/17/2008 10:43:00 AM

Gadzooks this is going to be the best NBA playoffs ever!! No other conference has ever had 8 teams win 50 games. Impressive. No team has ever turned their fortunes around by more than 40 games in a season. Nice. Here are my thoughts on the first round matchups.

Best First Round Matchup: Lakers v. Nuggets
Two of the 3 best players in the post-Jordan era squaring off in the first round, are you kidding me? Iverson making the jumper and then stepping over Tyronn Lue in the 2001 Finals is a lasting image. However Kobe remembers winning the second of three straight titles. You can't say that the season series was indicative of what will happen here. Sasha Vujacic isn't nearly as good as he played in Game 1, Game 2 was the worst officiated game of the season, Game 3 Melo got hurt two minutes into the 2nd Quarter and Derek Fisher played his best game since high school. This should be a lot of fun.

A close Second Place for Best First Round Matchup: Spurs v. Suns
A lot of people think this is the series at the top of the list, not me. Any series involving the Spurs isn't good for casual basketball fans. Then again any series involving Steve Nash is. The series should go the distance. Deep down I can't vote against the Spurs just because of the premium placed on defense in the playoffs. We know officials love to jerk off the Spurs. Amare has been playing like a crazed demon the last few weeks, somehow I think that moves toward mild with Timmy D guarding him.

Series you might have Overlooked: Magic v. Raptors
Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard two of the best young big men in the league right now. Superman versus the dude with funny commercials pimping himself for the All Star game. Orlando should win the series, but I think the Raptors can make it interesting. Both teams can shoot the rock, both can play inside. Probably the only first round series in the east worth watching, unless you want to see LeBron and Agent 0 play one on one for a couple games.

Most Overrated First Round Matchup: Jazz v. Rockets
You think the Jazz didn't want this series based on their lay down against the Spurs last night? The Rockets figured it out right after the new year posting the second longest winning streak in NBA history. That's 22 more games than the Rockets will win in the postseason. The Jazz win the first two in Salt Lake by 15+ then win a couple of close ones in Houston.