Seinfeld Available To Watch Online For Microsoft Users | Sharapova's Thigh

TBS, which has broadcast "Seinfeld" for years, has started putting episodes online. It's the first time they've ever been available online, legally, but don't try watching them on a Mac. Like all of its video (except for the pre-roll promos), Time Warner-owned (TWX) TBS is requiring you run Microsoft Windows (MSFT) to watch Jerry and the gang.

TBS's logic in putting "Seinfeld" online seems sound. The show has probably wrung the towel on TV viewers at this point, and could potentially reach new viewers online at healthy ad rates. TBS will rotate episodes, starting with "The Truth," "The Muffin Tops," "The Yada Yada," and "The Millennium."

Turner says the reason they're not Mac-friendly is they use Microsoft's DRM software to protect their valuable assets.

Unfortunately, that also invites Mac (AAPL) users to get their Seinfeld fix from illegal sources, such as BitTorrent. Which really doesn't help TBS much, or Sony Pictures Television (SNE), which owns the show, does it?

For those of you Seinfeld fanatics that don't own most or all of the DVD's, this is good news. For those of you with a Mac, this isn't good news of course.
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