South Region Sweet 16: Leann Tweeden(9) Vs. Rachel Bilson(12) | Sharapova's Thigh


Road To The Thighnal Four Update: Our first Elite 8 game has been set with #4 Shannon James' victory over #9 Aida Yespica. James will now face the red hot #3 Megan Fox, and will likely be the underdog. As for this terrific Sweet 16 game...

Leann Tweeden had what some are calling the "Thigh Heard Round The World" with her shocking victory over #1 seeded Shakira. For the first time in this tournament, she comes into a game as a favorite against our Cinderella, Rachel Bilson. One of these ladies will continue to beat the odds and advance to the Elite 8. Who will it be?

Leann Tweeden
Not considered a serious threat in the South region prior to the tournament, Leann Tweeden turned heads with victories over #8 Kristanna Loken and #9 Shakira. She's done a ton of work to help our troops, and maybe put a smile on the faces of our guys that haven't had much to smile about in this ridiculous war in Iraq.
If you've ever watched The Best Damn Sports Show Period, you've probably seen Leann on there. You've also probably then seen Rob Dibble or John Salley pulling out a cheesy joke to try and impress her, only to see her follow with a fake laugh. She's been a correspondent on the show since 2001, and is a huge sports fan. Leann Tweeden was also a playmate, so that certainly earns her some extra points.

Rachel Bilson
Most people know Rachel from her character Summer Roberts on The OC. Yes, I watched the show. Since then I've had a little thing for Rachel. In fact, I was so impressed with her that I gave her a "Thigh Of The Week" award, the highest honor a woman can receive on this site(aside from winning this tournament of course). Here's what I had to say:
Oh how I’d like to take a bite out of that tight ass. Sweet, soft skin. Perfectly aligned teeth make for that beautiful smile. She knows she’s fuckalicious. Plays hard to get, but deep down she‘s begging for a pearl necklace. Quality Tits. Average Actress… But most importantly, what a thigh.