Thigh Of The Week: Abbey Clancy | Sharapova's Thigh

Abbey Clancy
As I looked through the images of Abigail Clancy on Google, I found so many that made my pee pee go up faster than Chase Utley's batting average.
We traditionally go with just one picture or two for the "Thigh Of The Week", but I felt it was necessary to show five of the lovely Clancy. A simple glance at that bod is not enough. You need to stare.
Clancy is pretty much the British version of Lindsay Lohan. Hot, young, famous, former crappy musician, slutty, goes ayo for yayo... sounds like my kind of girl. It sounds like she's single too, or at worst just sleeping around.
If this were the 60's, there's no doubt she would have slept with every member of "The Beatles", as she also is from Liverpool. This also led to her dating Liverpool soccer star, and member of the England national team, Peter Crouch. However, they broke up after Peter learned of her booger sugar ways, and about her fucking her ex-boyfriend.
Clancy's one of the most popular models in England, and gained much popularity from her 2nd place finish on the television show Britain's Next Top Model. Yeah, I don't know how she lost either. She does a bunch of lingerie ads, makes appearances on television shows there... you get the point.
Just in the last few days, she finished #55 on FHM's "Sexiest Women of 2008" list. By the way, Megan Fox won that crown too. We were first!