Thoughts on the First Day of the NBA Playoffs | Sharapova's Thigh

So I spent all day watching basketball. 4 games of goodness. If you think this is uncool stop reading the blog. Here are my initial thoughts.

LeBron versus the Practitioners of Magic

- Jay-Z is not overrated. The rest of that team is awful. Awful.

- I'm not sure if LeBron's health can hold up for the whole series. The dude is a competitor extraordinaire, but clearly he's banged up. If the Wiz keep fouling him hard that adds a whole different element.

- The Wiz aren't going to shoot that poorly again in the fourth quarter. None of that should be attributed to Cavs defense. The Wiz just missed a bunch of good looks. It's possible that the Wiz shouldn't be making those shots because they're not good at basketball, but if they are good the shots are there.

- What happened to Agent 0 in the 4th Quarter?

The Cowboy Equipment versus the Yellow Dwarf Stars

- How stupid must Phoenix feel? They freaking dominated that game only to piss it away at the end.

- The silver lining for Phoenix is that Shaq spent so much of that game on the bench. I like the gameplan of letting Timmy D get his but not letting the other players contribute. I think that could be successful in the long run. Once Phoenix got in foul trouble a lot of their defensive discipline went out the window and they started scrambling a lot more.

- I hate Manu. Fuck that bitch, but dammit the dude shows up at important times.

- Timmy D making 3's? Everybody that watched saw the face D'Antoni made.

- I'm sure that a bunch of the stupid pundits will ask why they didn't foul. I think they were going to, but the Spurs surprised them by sending Tim for the initial screen. I think the plan was to foul right after the initial screen. When Shaq had to come out he obviously couldn't foul since he had 5 fouls. Good coaching by Popazit.

Free Range Horses versus Vicious Flying Insect I'm Allergic to

- Mavs came out hot, not a shock. Is this second half the same game? I did catching myself wondering how NO got this far. Now the answer seems obvious.

- CP3 is freaking sick. The dude plays the game so under control. Obviously he was a bit rattled to start the game, but he's making Kidd look like the old man that he is.

- What happened to Dirk in the 2nd half?

- How was this game so low scoring? It seemed to be a lot more up and down.

- Damn. Mavs might be in some trouble.

NASA Projects versus Crappy Music that Nobody in the State of Utah listens to

- Obviously ESPN thinks as highly of this series as I do: they sent Doris Burke to commentate. I'm not a misogynist by any means, but women don't belong in the booth for men's sports. As soon as the female commentator opens her mouth the game becomes unwatchable.

- Speaking of unwatchable this game sucked. S-U-C-K-E-D. I'll admit I was flipping back and forth between this game and the Avs series clinching game 6, but shit these teams play ugly.

- This series is over with Utah winning one in Houston, but maybe these teams can do us a favor and play well the next couple games.

- There is an ungodly number of stupid first names in this series which contributes to its unwatchableness. Mehmet, Rafer (I know he's out), Dikembe, Carlos, Luis, Luther, Tracy, Loren, Jarron