Breaking News: There are Professional Baseball Teams in Florida | Sharapova's Thigh

In a shocking revelation Florida Governor Charlie Christ announced that the state is indeed home to TWO Major League Baseball teams. Apparently the teams are the Marlins of Florida located in Miami and the Rays of Tampa Bay. In even more shocking news these teams have existed for 16 and 11 years respectively. The teams have gone unnoticed because they have been mired in what Christ referred to as "complete and utter suckitude......too embarrassing for a proud state like Florida to acknowledge......forces me to use words like suckitude that don't even exist.....And for the last time I'm not related to Jesus or Craig. It's not even pronounced the same. Say the word crystal and then remove the "al" ".

The Marlins, apparently a large fish that is the goal of many sports fishermen, have won an astounding 7 games in a row and are atop the NL East. Nobody knows who their manager is. For that matter nobody, including said unknown manager, could name the entire starting lineup. But it appears they are good.

The Rays, known formally as the Devil Rays, have spent much of the last denying any official link to the Steve Irwin death. Authorities are still investigating. How can a man that wrestles crocodiles possibly be killed by a animal that resembles a flying saucer? Very strange indeed. Many observes thought that this team was actually a Triple-A affiliate for another MLB squad. The Rays trail only the Boston Red Sox in the rugged AL East.

This news comes as a shock to many. Just breathe slowly and let the information digest.

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