Got Drunk Last Night & Foot Is Throbbing, Plus Sports Talk | Sharapova's Thigh

So last night after Brooks and I played GTA IV for about 5 straight hours, we went out to the bar "Road 34", which is about 50 yards away from my apartment. I had some Dew& Vodka before we went over there, a few Budweisers at the bar, and a shot of Butter Crown.
Yes, I was drunk, but not too badly and I remember pretty much everything. However, my foot or the end of my ankle(something in that area), is killing me. I have no idea why. I don't remember stepping awkwardly on it last night, and I'm 99.9% sure I didn't fall. This isn't like Rad's ankle injury a couple months ago, where he stumbled over a curb while drunk and broke his ankle. So anyway, this sucks. But enough about me, like you care anyway...

We'll stay on the topic of drinking though. Bears running back Cedric Benson has been a huge bust, and he lowered to a whole new level on Saturday night as he was arrested. Benson was charged with drunk boating and resisting arrest:

Benson was arrested on Lake Travis near Austin after a Lower Colorado River Authority officer made contact with his 30-foot boat to do a random safety inspection at 9:07 p.m. Benson failed a "float test," an abbreviated field sobriety test, and when the officer instructed him he would have to come to land to do an extended test, Benson became argumentative, according to a press release from the LCRA.

When Benson refused to wear a life jacket and continued to "present himself as a threat to the officer" he was subdued with pepper spray. On land, Benson had to be dragged into a waiting Travis County Sheriff’s vehicle for transport to central booking at 9:46 p.m. He refused to take a breath test at central booking and was charged with the two Class B misdemeanors, which are each punishable by six months in jail and a fine of $2,000, according to Roger Wade, the public information officer for the Travis County Sheriffs Office. The report stated "12 to 15" other people were on the boat and no one else was charged. None of the others were football players.

With the Bears drafting running back Matt Forte out of Tulane in the 2nd round, and being very impressed with him in minicamp, rumors were already circulating that Benson could be the odd man out in a Bears backfield that also includes the other Adrian Peterson who head coach Lovie Smith loves, and 2007 3rd round pick Garrett Wolfe. With this drunk boating incident, I'd think there's little to no chance Benson is back, especially after the scrutiny the Bears faced following the Tank Johnson situation.

In other sports news...
  • The #1Boston Celtics finally knocked off the #8 Atlanta Hawks in game 7. It shows how nice home-court advantage is in the playoffs, as a road game was not won in the series. I've never seen a game 7 where a team is a 14.5 point favorite, as was the case for the Celtics today. Incredibly, they made that line look way too small as they won 99-65. The Hawks showed that they should be a good team in the East for a long time with all of that young talent, at least when they play at home. I predicted the Celtics to sweep, and I didn't see anybody picking this series to go more than 5 games.
  • How about Chipper Jones' numbers so far? He hit another homer, and added 5 RBI today to his already incredible numbers. He's now hitting .425, with 9 HR, 27 RBI, and an OPS of 1.189. Pretty good for a 36-year-old.
  • Chase Utley's swinging a nice bat himself. He already has an MLB-leading 13 homers. That's 4 more homers than anybody else in MLB has.
  • Notice how much more enjoyable the sports world is when the Yankees aren't playing so well? I don't see them getting much better anytime soon either. Phil Hughes is out until at least July and sucked anyway, Ian Kennedy was just sent down, Mike Mussina is old, Pettite is old and off the juice. Wang's been the only one rising to the occasion...
  • Reports are that Kobe Bryant won the MVP, but Chris Paul's already showed after the first round in the playoffs, and in the first game against the Spurs, why it should be him. Unlike anybody I've ever seen, he makes the rest of the players around him so much better. Plus, when he needs to take over, he can. He's very capable of scoring 40+ on any given night, but just does what it takes to win. I'm not taking anything away from the season Kobe's had at all. It's been absolutely fabulous, and I never thought he would be as unselfish as he's been this year. He's changed.
  • A few NBA coaching change predictions: Rick Carlisle to Mavericks, Mark Jackson to Knicks, Mike D'Antoni to Bulls.