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Rigged? Fine By Me!

1.7% chance!

2 days later, I still can't contain my excitement.

My Chicago Bulls hit the NBA Draft Lottery jackpot and are getting the chance to choose between drafting Memphis point guard Derrick Rose, or Kansas State forward Michael Beasley.

I'm in shock, and I think everybody was in shock aside from those who would say it was inevitable a team like the Bulls would get the top pick due to the NBA Draft Lottery being rigged. If that's the case, I'm just glad my team is on the good side of that.

Although there were some nice moments in the 2006-2007 Bulls season that included a sweep of the Miami Heat in the 1st round of the playoffs, and gave the Detroit Pistons a quality series in round 2, this was easily the most excited I got since the Jordan glory days. Mainly, it's the unexpectedness of this that really got me feeling like a fat kid in a candy store. Furthermore, it's nice after a disastrous 2007-2008 season in which they came into the season as a sexy pick to be the best team in the East, only to win 33 games and get their head coach Scott Skiles fired by Christmas.

As for the awesome lottery night, my buddy Brooks and I were flipping between the lottery and the Cubs game. With the Bulls expected to pick 9th, and less than a 3% chance to even get into the top-2 which is really all that matters in this draft, I was far more interested in the Cubs game in the 1st 20 minutes of the time allotted for ESPN's lottery coverage.

The 14th pick goes to the Warriors, 13th pick goes to the Blazers, 12th to the Kings, 11th to the Pacers, 10th to the Nets, everything is going as it's supposed to. I look at Brooks and say something like, "And here's the Bulls at #9. Just happen already so I can go back to the Cubs game and stop foolishly thinking the Bulls have a chance at Beasley or Rose."

Then the Bobcats logo comes out of the envelope. I just stared for a second with a "Huh?" look, then screamed out while hopping off the couch, "THIS MEANS THAT THE BULLS ARE IN THE TOP 3 RIGHT? RIGHT? YEAH THE BULLS ARE IN THE TOP 3! HOLY SHIT THE BULLS ARE IN THE TOP 3! NO FUCKING WAY! UNREAL!"

I ran around the apartment like an A.D.D. kid at recess. That commercial break felt like an hour to me. Within what was probably just 30 seconds of my crazed excitement, I started saying/yelling at Brooks something along the lines of, "Oh shit they're going to get the 3rd pick aren't they? I fucking know it. That's going to piss me off more than getting the 9th pick. After Beasley and Rose they're all the same. This is going to be a giant fucking tease."

In my nail-biting and shaking state, the commercials are over and it's time for the opening of the 3rd pick envelope. Out comes the Minnesota Timberwolves logo, followed by probably 100 "HOLY SHIT", "FUCK YEAH", "YES", and "UNREAL" screams from me.

At that point, I didn't even really care if it #1 or #2, but once it was the revealed that Miami was #2, I definitely followed with more jumping up and down.

Following my bouncing off the walls, I started chugging Modelo Especial's in celebration like it was my job. I probably owe Brooks a few beers for dealing with me on this awesome night, as the names Beasley and Rose were blurted out by me more than I say "boobies!" at the strip club.

As any of you loyal readers of our blog have probably noticed, I'm a huge fan of Beasley and Rose. I think they are both future All-Star's, and are each two of the best college players in terms of NBA potential that I have seen in a long time.

I never imagined the Bulls would get the chance at either of them, and especially not the chance to choose between the two of them. Both fit big needs for the Bulls: a great point guard and a low-post scorer. Therefore, it's really unknown right now who the selection will be. I honestly think it's a 50/50 right now, and that could certainly change with personnel moves prior to the draft, which I think will happen.

So, who do I think the Bulls should take, who do I think they will take, and what trades could happen? Who's their coach even going to be?

I will surely write about all that and other NBA Draft material maybe even in the next day because I'm so excited and can't stop thinking about this.

Right now, I'm just going to enjoy this "dilemma".

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