Getting Our Drink On: Odell IPA | Sharapova's Thigh

Introducing a new segment on the Thigh, "Getting Our Drink On". We're going to provide you some insight on a drink we've had recently, a drink we've had for a long time and think you should try it, etc.

Now, although we definitely respect a good beer, we're probably not going to analyze these quite as well and in-depth as the reviewers you see on websites such as Beer Advocate, Rate Beer, or even on the television show Three Sheets, which I plan to write about very soon.

Seeing as how we're all in our 20-somethings in or just out of college... we like to get drunk, a lot. It's difficult to have the stones to hit on some of these college hotties around here, without the assistance of alcohol.

We'll drink pretty much anything, but certainly would prefer a better tasting alcoholic beverage if it's being offered from a kind friend, or comes at a cheap price. Typically I just walk into the bar and order a Budweiser or Rum and Coke, but every so often I'll go for one of the terrific microbrews made here in the drunken town of Fort Collins, Colorado.

The most known of Fort Collins' microbreweries is New Belgium. If you aren't located in Colorado, you've probably at least heard of, or even had New Belgium's Amber Ale, "Fat Tire". However, also located in Fort Collins is Odell Brewing Company, which is also quite popular in Colorado, and for good reason. Although Odell is only distributing in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, South Dakota, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Missouri right now, I definitely think with beers like their India Pale Ale, they could be a very successful company distributing all around the country in the future if they so desire.

I first tried the Odell IPA a few months ago, after hearing some great reviews from the locals. It extended past just the locals though, as this beer received the Gold Medal for American-Style India Pale Ale at the "2007 Great American Beer Festival", held in Denver. Additionally, it won the Silver Medal in the same category at the "2007 North American Beer Awards". Those are quite the honors.

Odell IPA just has a great look to it too. That's seriously one of the best designs I've seen on a bottle, and the beer itself has an orange, probably better described as a copper appearance to it. It just looks, and feels like a premium beer to me.

At 7.0% alcohol by volume, there's a clear citrus aroma and flavor, with a particularly noticeable bitterness in the hops. For those of you that drink a lot of IPA's, I think you'll be surprised by the intensity of the hops, in a good way. It really is the tastiest IPA I've had, and goes down smoothly.

A draft of Odell IPA tends to cost an extra buck or two around here in comparison to pretty much any other draft beer, but I've already given in at least a few times in the last month. If you're looking for a new beer to try out, especially an IPA, definitely give Odell IPA a shot.

And please, if you give it a try or have any comments about it, leave a comment on here. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am. Trust me, I'm used to it by now. Also, post a comment if you have any suggestions for new drinks to try or write about. This is especially true if you work for a brewing company and will send us free beer for talking up your beer... unless it's for "Miller Chill".