Getting Our Drink On: Samuel Adams Scotch Ale | Sharapova's Thigh

I've never hid my love Samuel Adams. Even when I started hating all things Boston I made an exception for this particular brew. I actually discovered this beer by complete accident. Sam Adams sells their Brewmasters Collection variety packs. Two each of 6 tasty beers. One of these is the Scotch Ale.

This beer makes me want to turn on the William Wallace "Sons of Scotland" speech. That speech makes me want to run through a goddamn brick wall. Ipsa facto, Scotch Ale makes me want to run through a goddamn brick wall. Or at lease I'd run through a brick wall to get one.

Scotch Ale is smokey, smokey, smokey and really unique. It's brewed with 4 different malts. One of them a peat malt that is used in distilling scotch malt whiskey. That must explain it: I love scotch, I love beer. Combine the two and prepare for a party in your mouth. If you like malty beers give Scotch Ale a try. If you don't like malty beers don't drink it.

The bad news. I can't find it anywhere in the 303 except in the Brewmasters Collection. That's fine and all, most liquor stores have the Collection. But as much as I like variety sometimes I just want to suck down some Scotch Ale and watch hair grow on my chest.

Give it a try, but more importantly let me know where I can buy it in vast quantities.