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Second Round Preview. Three games late.

Posted by Poorly Acquitted | 5/04/2008 10:02:00 PM |

Yeah I know that the Lakers, Hornets and Pistons are all up 1 love already, but I feel like I had to wait until after the first round was all the way over.

Ok so the first round showed that even the most astute basketball mind can miss the boat, screw the pooch, etc. for an entire round. To review everything I was wrong about:

- Nugs didn't even show up against the dominant Lake show. The only interesting part of the series was wondering whether George Karl and Melo would fight with fists on the bench. Strike 1, should probably count for 2 because the series was so unwatchable.

- Yeah the Suns kept it close in most of the games, but this isn't three years ago. These Suns were built to win. Strike 2.

- While the Jazz did win by 20+ in game 6, the Rockets weren't nearly as sucky as I thought they'd be. Strike 2.5.

- Orlando wins in 5 games. Yeah some of the games were close, but I thought Toronto was good for at least one more win. Good for Strike 3.

In my defense there was not one person in the entire world who thought that the two best series would be the Boston / Atlanta and Detroit / Philly series. Zero people predicted that. I know that 5 of the games from the Boston series actually sucked but at least there was suckitude from both teams. Another strange note about Round 1. This is the first time since 2004 since the top 4 seeds from each conference have advanced. Ok maybe that's not so interesting.

Onto Round 2.

Yeah the Celtics lost three on the road to Atlanta, but they were just getting warmed up. They throttle LeBron in 5.

The Detroit / Orlando series should be pretty interesting. I know the Pistons looked pretty legit in game 1, but I think this series goes 6, and a hard 6 forcing Detroit to expend a lot of energy.

Super duper, the Jazz made a second half comeback of sorts. They don't have it however. This won't be the massacre that LA laid on the Nugs, but it won't make a 6th game either.

Young team getting doubted versus old team getting doubted. Both of these teams have a chip on their shoulder. Nobody thought the Hornets had the stones to beat the experienced Mavs. Many thought the aging Spurs no longer had the legs to run with the Suns. Both spanked their opponents like a dominatrix. Should be the best 2nd round series. I really want to pick the Hornets because game 7 is in their place. I just have a feeling that they shoot too many 3's though. Gimme the Spurs.

Or if you've been paying attention expect to see Cleveland, Orlando, Utah and NO in the conference finals.