The NBA Draft Is Tomorrow... | Sharapova's Thigh

And my beloved Chicago Bulls have the #1 pick of course.

We still don't know if the Bulls will be selecting Memphis point guard Derrick Rose or Kansas State forward Michael Beasley, but it will certainly be one of these two 19-year-old phenoms. All signs point to Rose being the selection, and it would be please most Bulls fans since he's from Chicago and really wants to be a Bull.

So, who should the Bulls take?

The Case For Derrick Rose: The Bulls need a true point guard, and Derrick's a special one at that. He's a terrific floor general, and an absolute freak athletically for a point guard. He can accelerate to another gear unlike anybody else you'll find. His jump shot is questionable at this point, but certainly not as bad as some people make it out to be and he'll definitely improve there.

If nothing else, his ability to drive to the basket with his strength and athleticism will allow him to average 15 points per game in the league at least. He could be a triple-double machine, as he's a terrific rebounder for a point guard to go with this passing and scoring abilities. Additionally, he's a very good defender, and the Bulls have wanted more size for defense at the guard position.

Derrick would also make everybody else on the Bulls better, and the youngest team in the league needs every boost to their confidence that they can get after it was clearly lacking this past season. Most notably, I think he could really bring the most out of forward Tyrus Thomas, who some are already viewing as a bust after being the #4 pick in the 2006 draft. Tyrus is lost out there at times, but there's no doubting his freakish jumping ability, and most of his points come from dunks. I think we could see plenty of alley-oops from Rose to Thomas, like we saw with Chris Paul to Tyson Chandler this past season.

Furthermore, the league is changing, and we've seen where great point guards have taken NBA teams over the last few seasons. If you have the chance to get a potentially special player at the position such as Derrick Rose, it would be hard not to do so.

The Case For Michael Beasley: Michael "The Beast" Beasley would give the Bulls something they've been lacking for years: low-post scoring. Going into last season, it felt like they were a good low-post scorer away from contending from a title, but of course they regressed significantly in many areas and now a big man that can consistently put the ball in the basket isn't their only need. Regardless, it's still a major need that Beasley would go a long way to filling.

However, contrary to how many see Beasley, he might not be a true power forward, and will probably play both there and small forward in the pros. He measured in a disappointing 6'7" without shoes at the predraft camp, after most thought he was closer to 6'9" or 6'10". In fact, he might be better suited for small forward, as again, I don't think many people really understand Beasley's abilities. I'm telling you, he's somewhere between Carmelo Anthony and Charles Barkley. He's not Derrick Coleman, who many people keep comparing him to unfairly.

He has an outstanding skill-set offensively. He can drain the NBA 3 with ease, but also post up down low and use both hands to score which will make it so difficult to defend him. He is a very good ball-handler to go with great quickness for a guy weighing 240 lbs. This guy can take the ball the length of the floor, and when he gets to the basket, he's going to finish. He'll hit the face up jumper all day, and he'll make power forwards have to come out to guard him near the perimeter, where he'll then burst right past them to the basket.

Beasley's going to be a 20-10 machine, and probably next year. He might even average 25+ points per game in the future, as he definitely has the ability to.

The Verdict: Either one, there's no wrong choice.

I will be ecstatic regardless of the pick. I absolutely love both of these kids and think they're both going to be stars in this league for years to come.

If Rose is the pick, is there some way Bulls general manager John Paxson could swing a trade for the #2 pick since it appears Pat Riley doesn't want Michael Beasley on the Heat for some absurd reason?

Now, who would you take?