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Kelly Kapowski

TOTW goes retro.

Mmmm... Kelly Kapowski. Yeah, you love her. Call her Tiffani Amber Thiessen if you want, but she'll always be Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell in my book. Unlike most of the ladies we honor on here, Kelly Kapowski was/is actually with a guy that I respect, Zack Morris of course.

Kelly was the head cheerleader at Bayside High School, as well as captain of the swimming, softball, and volleyball teams.

Let's just say this is the girl in high school you would be fine having unprotected sex with. STD? Who cares, you're the shit since you banged Kelly Kapowski and you can die happy. She's pregnant? Even better, she's wearing around proof that you shot one past the Kapowski goalie.

It's difficult to have a thigh that can go through different eras and still garner serious recognition, but Kelly's managed to do that. She's pretty much the Michael Jordan's of bodies. People keep trying to compare bodies of young sexy women to her's, but there will never be another Kelly Kapowski. If we ever generate enough revenue to create the museum, Kelly is sure to be a first-ballot inductee into the Thigh Of Fame.

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