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Battlebots Coming Back!

Posted by Baron | 7/28/2008 11:53:00 AM | , , ,

Hi, I used to post here, but then I got an internship this summer so I've been super busy. I'll post more with going back to school and College Football coming up. Anyways...

Robots fighting each other to the "death", how awesome is that? Battlebots is coming back and its going to be on ESPN according to Wikipedia:
In February 2008, BattleBots announced that ESPN had offered to broadcast a "Collegiate BattleBots Championship" competition limited to a single 160-pound weightclass to be held during the summer of 2008. Plans call for a "professional" 220-pound class tournament to be filmed at the same time, but the broadcast deal is for the college teams only. The competition has been delayed until November.
I was going to say that El Diablo was my favorite, but looking at pictures there were so many cool bots like BioHazard, Minion, Alpha Raptor, Toro... and Grant from the Mythbusters own Deadblow:

Wow, I sound like such a nerd, but I know what I will be watching on ESPN this fall (besides college football).

Speaking of NCAA Football, Clapp, Fly and I are in an online Dynasty, heading into week 13 I am 9-2, Fly is 8-3 while Clapp finished the year 6-6...