Booze News: Miller & Coors Merge; Launch | Sharapova's Thigh

It's now called MillerCoors. Creative! I wonder how the meeting to decide on what to call it went. Joking aside, this is obviously huge news in the American beer circuit.
Coors of course has their headquarters here in Colorado, in Golden specifically, which is just west of Denver. Miller's headquarters are located in Milwaukee. Now do you get why the MLB stadiums are Coors Field and Miller Park in Denver and Milwaukee?
Dallas and Chicago are the leading candidates to be the official headquarters for MillerCoors, but Golden and Milwaukee will maintain "sizable" operations according to The Denver Post.

TRENTON — Those old Miller Lite bottles from last weekend's party may be the last you will ever see as company officials announced the Miller and Coors beer brands have officially merged.

SABMiller PLC and Molson Coors Brewing Co. have combined their U.S. and Puerto Rico operations to launch MillerCoors, which began operation July 1.

The merger creates an expanded network of eight breweries — six of which are owned by Miller and two by Coors, said Julian Green, a spokesman for the new company.

"This will create a brewery footprint that will be able to make all the various brands of beer and they will be closer to market," he said. "This is good news for the breweries."

MillerCoors will enjoy the benefits of a combined group of brands, led by Miller Lite and Coors Light, and a plan to cut costs by $500 million annually, company officials said.

That will help the new company, with $7 billion in annual sales and a 29 percent market share, better compete with Anheuser-Busch Cos., which has dominated the U.S. beer business with a 48 percent share.

It's possibly even better news for Miller Brewing's facility in Trenton — one of Ohio's largest brewery which employs 650 people in Butler County.

The facility is already hiring two new team manager positions for the new packaging line in Trenton, according to the MillerCoors Web site.

Green said the Trenton facility may even begin brewing more beer — meaning new jobs — but added it was too early to name specifics.

Miller, based in Milwaukee, and Molson Coors, based in Golden, Colo., announced in October they would form MillerCoors to market and distribute their beers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.


Merger Facts
  • Miller Brewing has been a part of Milwaukee's landscape since 1855.
  • The company employs 6,000 around the world, including 1,700 in Milwaukee.
  • The Coors brewery was founded in 1873 in Golden, Colo. by Adolph Coors.
  • The Coors corporation employs 10,000.
  • Miller-Coors would be second to only Anheuser-Busch in the United States.
  • Miller-Coors would combine Miller products such as High Life, Miller Lite, Genuine Draft and Leinenkugel's with Coors, Coors Light, Killian's Irish Red, Molson and Fosters.