MLB Trade Deadline Running Blog... Bay Not To The Bay (?)- *Last Edit - 4:08 pm et* | Sharapova's Thigh

We continue to stalk Stark. He says that the Jason Bay to the Tampa Bay Rays talks are back on. The Rays certainly have the prospects to dangle for Bay, and he'd be a huge lift to a team that's trying to hold off the defending champion Red Sox, and the improving Yankees for the AL East division title. They are currently 3 games up.
The Rays acquiring Bay certainly makes more sense than the Blue Jays doing so.

Update-3:10 PM ET: Jason Bay is indeed a Tampa Bay Ray apparently. The Pirates get Reid Brignac and Jeff Niemann.

Fly: Tampa immediately becomes better and gets another RH bat for that lineup. The Pirates get two really good prospects. I mentioned Brignac as being a possibility to move earlier during our coverage, and it has indeed happened. Whether the Pirates would have gotten more through the Manny three-way, who knows as those prospects weren't named.

I think it's a good move for both, addressing needs on both sides. Niemann is a good pitching prospect, Brignac is 22, in AAA, and not looking completely overmatched (slash stats iffy, does have 9 bombs). It'll be interesting to see if the Pirates handle him carefully or rush him up to replace Jack Wilson.

Updated - 3:54 PM ET - The Tampa Tribune is reporting that the deal is not yet official. A MLB beat writer is saying it is. Take that for what you will.

Updated - 4:08 PM ET - Ken Rosenthal is now reporting that the Jason Bay to Tampa deal is dead. But then, who really knows?