MLB Trade Deadline Running Blog... Cards Might Trade Kyle Lohse? *Last Edit - 1:20 PM Eastern* | Sharapova's Thigh

ESPN's Jayson Stark reports on the possibility of the Cardinals trading starting pitcher Kyle Lohse, who's been the ace on the team currently tied for the NL Wild Card with the Brewers, and just four games behind the Cubs for the NL Central lead.
Why would they do this? That's what I'm trying to figure out, but I doubt they are just dangling him out there. I think they'd want a Jason Bay type of bat in return. Stark says they would like to get a reliever in such a deal as well.
Of course, as Stark reports, Lohse is a Scott Boras client, and he'll likely be looking for a ridiculous deal in the off-season following this great year.
The return of Chris Carpenter last night was very encouraging for the Cards. Adam Wainwright is also due back soon, although rumors are that the Cards will put him in the bullpen.

Edit - 1:20 - It's a smart move for the Cardinals to move this guy. His numbers don't instill much confidence in his ability to keep up his current level of production through the rest of the year. However, that is putting a lot of faith in Carpenter's repaired shoulder.