MLB Trade Deadline Running Blog...Arthur Rhodes traded to Marlins *Last Edit - 1:07* | Sharapova's Thigh

The Mariners have traded 38 year old left-handed reliever Aurthur Rhodes to the Marlins in exchange for pitching prospect Gabby Hernandez. Rhodes who did not play in 2007 has returned to put up good numbers for Seattle this year. The situational lefty has a 2.86 ERA in 36 games and left handed hitters are hitting just .195 against him. He should be a nice addition to a young Marlins pitching staff.

Hernandez, just 22 years old, has struggled this year in the Marlins system, but showed good potential early in his career, the Mariners are hoping he still has a chance to become a major league starter.

Edit(Fly) - 1:07 - Wow. This is really, really stupid. In what world do you trade a 22 year old starting pitcher, no matter how good or bad his year is going, for Arthur Rhodes?

I, like the rest of the God-fearing world, had no idea Arthur Rhodes was still pitching.