MLB Trade Deadline Running Blog...Griffey to White Sox *Edit 1:01 PM Eastern* | Sharapova's Thigh

According to numerous sources, Reds OF Ken Griffey Jr. has been traded to the White Sox pending his approval. I guess Carl Everett was not available this year for Kenny Williams to deal for. Griffey who has over 10 years of major league service and more than 5 with his current team has the right to veto any deal if he chooses. However, the deal would seem to make sense for Griffey, he has been on a struggling Reds club for far to long as is likely to jump at a chance to leave.

This move is a curious one for the White Sox. They will have to make room for Griffey by sitting either Jim Thome or Paul Konerko on the bench. Both players are struggling this year but are making large salaries. The veteran Griffey is struggling some this year in his own right, hitting just .245 with an OPS below 800. Griffey would also have to play everyday in center field, something he hasn't done on a regular basis in a couple years. If the deal goes final we will let you know.

Update: ESPN is now reporting Griffey has approved the deal and is headed to the White Sox. The Reds will receive RHP Nick Masset and 2B Danny Richar in return.

Edit(Fly) - 1:01 - An odd move all around...Masset has pretty bad numbers and is already 26. Richar s 24 and is probably pretty much what he's going to be...a small power middle infielder. I have trouble declaring him a prospect.

Griffey is having an okay year and would provide an offensive upgrade across the board. I would assume this sends Konerko to the bench (dropped him on fantasy at the perfect time). But my understanding was that he'd been moved to RF to help his injury situation. Move him to CF and all bets are off. It's really a low risk, high reward proposition for the White Sox, though...they didn't give up anything that should have been in their long term plans.